“... Powered with Clerk.io’s Search, it powers us around the site much easier. We get more customers looking at more products and leading to more conversions.”

Read about Natural Baby Shower and how Clerk.io’s search and recommendations features delivered the results the company needed.

Natural Baby Shower specialise in eco-friendly baby goods, highlighting the journey of new parents.

The company had problems with guiding their customers around their website. This was due to the technology they had not being capable of their needs. They wanted to drive more traffic around the site through search and recommendations.

Using Clerk.io’s features made it much easier to navigate the site. Clerk.io’s search brought in more customers looking at more products as well as recommendations that brought more traffic.
No, I wouldn’t recommend Clerk.io to anyone because I wouldn’t want them getting the same technology as we use… but yes, I’d recommend Clerk.io
Clifton Vaughan

Natural Baby Shower

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